Sharing an embarrassing problem with your partner

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In any relationship, some things are simply hard to talk about. But holding back doesn't get you any closer to your partner. Here's how to bring up a delicate subject with someone you care about.

Your partner has bad breath or body odour. Things aren't going as well as you would like in the bedroom. You're keeping a secret about an embarrassing health concern.

Watch this slideshow to learn the why and the how of having those conversations you'd rather not have.

Why we need to talk

When it comes to your relationship, being honest is the way to go. Here's why:

  • Being open will often bring you closer. Open communication can create a deeper connection and bond; and that could lead to an incredible relationship rather than one that's simply okay.
  • Put your partner's mind at ease. If your partner senses something is wrong, they may think it's more serious than it really is. For example, if you avoid being intimate with them, they may think you don't find them attractive anymore. Tell them the truth and your partner will probably feel relieved.
  • Learn more about each other. By talking about embarrassing problems, you may learn something new about your partner and, possibly, yourself.
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